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Squid Game But It's a Crypto Scam
Rug pulls are a type of crypto scam where a project's team or founder abandons the project and suddenly disappears, taking all of the invested. Rug pulls in crypto deceive investors within DeFi, abusing trust and anonymity to steal and disappear with funds. A rug pull is a term for a scam in the crypto space where traders are left hanging with worthless assets. Here's how to avoid it.
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If their identities are visible, be sure to check out their social media accounts and other available information to see if they interact with other known people in the space and have legitimate followers. It's worth noting that the code for the compromised vault contracts had undergone a security audit. Unfortunately, there is almost no recourse for those investors who were taken in by the hype and have had their money stolen from them as a result of a rug pull. A rug pull, also known as an exit scam, is a fraudulent maneuver in which a seemingly legitimate project accumulates investments or user deposits and then suddenly shuts down operations, absconding with the capital, often without leaving a trace if they have taken appropriate precautions. Law enforcement will seize your ill-gotten crypto gains and auction them off to victims.