87 2010 tt btc

87 2010 tt btc

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For assets to be transferred, be handled under regulations at shall be handled as follows:. Asset liquidation expenses: Expenses for locally run projects. Management and use of proceeds. Download document and table of.

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87//TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance on the management and processing properties of the projects using the state budget when the project is completed. //TT-BTC dated November 02, If a declaration that has more than 50 lines must be divided, or an article on which tax exceeds the number of. The Ministry of Finance in Vietnam - Circular No. 87//TT-BTC on management and handling of assets of state-funded in Vietnam.
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  • 87 2010 tt btc
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Payment guarantee means an undertaking to perform financial obligations in order to secure the payment by a third party. Access to more than 16, documents in English Access to more than , Gazette documents Free advertising When building an infrastructure work, a project management unit shall dismantle or hire a licensed organization or individual if any to dismantle old infrastructure works and recover usable supplies for handling under regulations except for an investment project in which the builder is responsible for such dismantlement as provided by the project approving authority. Handling competence and order. Asset liquidation expenses: Expenses for the sale or dismantlement or disposal of assets.